6 GPU Ethereum Mining Rig

6 GPU Ethereum Mining Rig

6 GPU Ethereum Mining Rig Build

If you are planning on starting Ethereum mining, but have vague or limited knowledge about building an Ethereum mining rig, then camp here as I guide you through it. Ethereum mining is very popular, and most people are currently investing in it, mostly because it is ASIC resistant hence you only use graphics cards.

Here, I am going to give a step by step guide on how to use 6 Graphic Cards to build an Ethereum mining rig. However, when buying Graphics Cards it should be noted that some mine at low hashrates, and you obviously don’t want that.

 What are the best Ethereum Mining Graphics Cards?

Of course, everyone interested in Ethereum mining will have to get answers to this question first. Luckily, I am here to make it easy for you. Personally, Nvidia GTX 1070 has worked for me, specifically because a single card produces a 31 MH/s hashrate and they’re great at Zcash mining, and I know if I decide to resell them I’ll easily do so and at a higher price.

6 GPU Ethereum Mining Rig Build

So, what will the Ethereum mining rig comprise of?

  • Mother Board
  • Power Supply Unit
  • PC Power Cable
  • RAM
  • Processor
  • Mining rig Frame
  • Nvidia Graphic Card
  • Storage


Graphics Card:


To assemble your 6 GPU ETH mining rig, you’ll need 4 or 6 of them based on your budget. The GTX 1070 graphics card consumes 150W, and this is also part of the reasons why I use it. Again, you get 32Mh/s output from each so when using 6; the total will be 192 Mh/s, which is great.

Also, you can use it for Zcash mining. When it comes to Zcash mining, the GTX 1070 Graphics Cards will give you 450 Sol/s so if you take a break from any then you can always continue mining on the other side.

Note: the latest model of the GTX 1070 is GTX 1070ti, and it’s actually better in terms of performance as it is almost three times faster. However, it is larger thus consuming more power hence you might need to upgrade your power supply. Also, ensure that the size fits your current case.


Mother Board

MSI Pro Series, Z270-A PRO, Intel Z270 DDR4

Remember I said you would need 6 GPU where you can start with 4 then get the rest later if your budget doesn’t allow you to purchase all at once. Therefore, the motherboard you choose should have the features to support all the 6.

I have been using the Intel Z270 DDR4 motherboard, and I love it. It supports my 6 GPU attached RISERS.

Remember that your motherboard provides the greatest support for your mining rig. As such, you need to choose one carefully. With the ability to support DDR4 RAM and compatibility with the LGA 1151 socket Intel Processor, this is the best motherboard to invest in.



6-Pack GPU Riser Extender Cable, PCI-E 16X to 1X Risers

To attach all the 6 GPU to your motherboard, you’ll need 6 RISERS, which are just small cables with one end that goes to the motherboard while the other allows you to attach the Graphics Cards. Luckily, they are very affordable, and they come with the necessary hardware.



Ballistix Sport, PC4-19200, LT 4GB Single DDR4 RAM

NOTE: RAM doesn’t play any role in the mining efficiency. As such, there is no difference between using 8 or 4GB RAM and you will be wasting your money.

Again, the motherboard we chose is compatible with DDR4 RAM, so it makes more sense to go with the Ballistix Sport LT 4GB Single DDR4 RAM.



Intel BX80677G3930 Celeron7th Gen Processor

To power the mining rig, a processor is a must-have.

NOTE: there is the GPU mining and the CPU mining. These two require different types of processors, and for our case, GPU mining, the Graphics Cards take care of the mining process while the processor only runs the software. As such, you won’t need a very expensive processor, as you would with CPU mining.

The Celeron 7th Gen processor makes a great option for our case as it fits in the MSI Pro Series Intel Z270 DDR4 motherboard.

The other option would be the Pentium processor so check it out.


SanDisk, SDSSDA-120G-G26, SSD PLUS 120GB

When building a cryptocurrency mining rig, speed is important, and that’s why I chose SSD because it’s faster than HDD. This increases the transfer speed plus they also consume less power and have a short boot time, so you get in the process pretty fast.


Power Supply Unit (PSU)

EVGA SuperNOVA, NVIDIA SLI, 1200W Platinium

Your PSU must match the required power supply. Practically, for mining rig, you use only 80% of what your PSU can supply. As such, if the needed power is 500W then you go for a 700W PSU, and this keeps you on the safer side.

In our case here, since we will be using 6 GPU where each consumes 150W, we will need 900W, but to be on the safer side, 1200W PSU will do.

The additional power is consumed by your SSD, the motherboard, etc.


Power Cable

Electop 2-Pack ATX Power Switch

The ATX Power Switch helps you switch on/off your mining rig. You just attach it to your motherboard, and you will be good to go. To cut on extra costs, ensure that it comes with the needed components.


Mining Rig Frame

Open Air Mining Rig Frame

If you are hardy, constructing your mining frame might be the best option as it uses few materials and the process is quite straightforward. The design should be open for good air flow. Also, it should be spacious enough to easily fit everything (GPU, PSU, SSD, Motherboard, etc.)

If you prefer buying, the Mining Rig Open Air Frame is a good pick.


Operating System (OS)

For the operating system, go with what you are good at, Windows for mining or Linux. However, for a specific Ethreum mining rig, then ETHOS will make a perfect choice.


Mining Pool and Software

The Mining software & pool play a big role in the general output of your mining rig. As such, you should go with the best. You should also put the fees into consideration when choosing one over the other.


Wrapping up

Building a mining rig might seem challenging, but it’s a great long-term investment. You will make good money per month, and when you decide to resell the rig, there will be many willing buyers and the price is always impressive. Again, you can also resell the graphics cards, so there is no loss in investing in the best.


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