Can You Mine Cryptocurrency on Your Mobile Phone?

Can You Mine Cryptocurrency on Your Mobile Phone?

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are a big deal nowadays. There is a high chance you can find someone in your family and friends who is mining cryptocurrencies, using a wide range of devices, including computers. This makes many of us wonder if mining cryptocurrency on mobile device a possibility?

The simple answer is – Yes, it is.

Can You Mine Cryptocurrency on Your Mobile Phone?

It is possible to use your Android device to mine cryptocurrency. Even though its profitability is debatable, probably a discussion for another topic.

Mining through a mobile phone was not a possibility until recently, as older versions of mobile devices had slow processing power, and most cryptocurrencies didn’t allow mining using a mobile device, but this is not the case anymore.

For mining, you need a machine with good processing power to do complex calculations on data. Fortunately, most of the latest high-end mobile phones have a better processing power compared to an average PC. This means, if you can use a PC, you can also use a mobile device for mining.


Can You Mine Cryptocurrency on Your Mobile Phone?

Mining Cryptocurrency on Mobile Device

So how to proceed forward, as now we know we can use our mobile phones for mining cryptocurrencies?

The process is very simple as new apps are available that can make things very straightforward for you. One examples is Electroneum, that is designed to mine electroneum.

Mining Cryptocurrency on mobile device

Another example is Minergate, that even allows you mine two currencies at a time.

Minergate app to mine using mobile

In fact, there are hundreds of mobile phone apps available to choose from. Many allow you to mine most of the available cryptocurrencies using your mobile device.

In addition, there are also mobile apps that allow you to mine cryptocurrencies in a group, or a pool. This means, a group of miners mine and then splits the profits. One of the popular such apps is DroidMiner.

But be aware, there are also a lot of scams out there, so make sure, to use apps that are authentic, and well recognized in the mining industry.

When using the apps designed to mine using a phone, keep one thing in mind, if your phone processing speed is not up to the mark, it may heat up, consumes a lot of battery, and may wear out quickly. This is why it is important to use only latest mobile phones with high processing speed.

You also need to calculate if the profits you are making exceeds the amount you are paying as electricity bill consumed for charging your mobile. You may find the process more profitable if you are using a solar panel rig to charge your phone.


In the end, with cryptocurrencies like electroneum coming out with their own mobile apps, it becomes a reality now. Having said that, mining cryptocurrency on mobile device is still not a very efficient way compared to a PC-rig, with a fast processor, best video card, and high RAM.

Simply put, dedicated PC or servers are still the best option for mining cryptocurrencies, but if you don’t have this option available, you can certainly use your mobile device as well.


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