What is a Mining Rig Case?

What is a Mining Rig Case?

So you are just starting with crypto mining? You first need to learn how you actually mine them and how can you make money through it? But the first thing you need to begin the process is a mining rig case.

Read the following article to get more insight into this topic and learn how you can earn money through a simple machine.

What is a Mining Rig Case?

A mining rig is a computer system used to mine cryptocurrencies, including Zcash, Bitcoin, and Ethereum. The rig can be a devoted miner, specifically operating just for mining. Or, you can also mine part-time and use it for other purposes by attaching it to your computer.

Mining Rig Case

Why is Mining Rig Case Important When Mining Crypto?

Mining rig case is the essential tool you need to connect to a mining pool. Using this equipment, you try to solve complex equations that were produced by arranging dealings in a blockchain.

To win cryptocurrency, you have to compete with other users and work out as many algorithms to ‘mine’. Since solving such equations depends on the specifications of your rig case, it is crucial that you get one with the best features. Thus, it will give you leverage over other miners. Also, the type of cryptocurrency you can mine depends on your rig case.

How Do You Use a Mining Rig Case?

A rig case helps you connect the mining hardware to an existing mining pool. You can easily do this with the help of some mining-related software.

Follow these instructions to use a mining rig case:

  • Download software of your preference which includes CGminer and NiceHash.
  • Choose a pool and put in your credentials.
  • Start the software by setting up a .Bat file/
  • Create a shortcut for .Bat file by going to Windows> Start> Programs> Startup
  • After that, Install an overclocking software.

What is the Best Mining Rig Case for Your Mining Rig?

Among the many mining rig cases available in this competitive market, we have highlighted the features of one of the best one for you.

Hydra II Mining Rig Case

Hydra II 8 GPU 6U Server Mining Rig Case

This mining rig case is made up of high-quality industrial steel, thereby giving the structural strength to safely store all the GPUs. Apart from this, you get the option to either stack it or mount it on a rack. It can easily accommodate up to 8 GPUs allowing you to build a powerful mining rig.

To prevent the rig case from overheating, you get an airflow system which moves the hot air from front-to-back. Moreover, you can also install 6 x 120 mm server fans, both at the front and the back.

Also, this model provides the option of installing cards with different dimensions so that you can switch from one pattern to another.


This rig case is designed to hold larger aftermarket cards and therefore, offer space for eight dual-slot cards or six triple-slot cards. As a result, you can easily switch between the two patterns for better cooling and airflow.

Along with this, you can also attach two power supplies for enhanced efficiency and power distribution. Another added bonus of this rig case is that it supports both ATX and micro-ATX motherboard. For safety, the motherboard and the GPU are at a distance from each other.


Mining cryptocurrency is a new way to make money by just sitting at home. We hope this article helps you out in gaining enough knowledge and deciding about your future mining plans. Being rich is no longer difficult!


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