What is a GPU Mining Frame?

What is a GPU Mining Frame?

If you’re building your own mining rig for crypto-mining, the first thing you need is the GPU mining frame. This is because you need to assemble everything within the frame, else, it will fall apart.

As the GPUs, motherboard, processor, and other mining hardware runs 24/7 without any break, mining frames are used to build open-air mining rigs to keep them cool.

What is a GPU Mining Frame?

GPU mining frame is a simple frame, mostly in rectangular shape, that is designed to build GPU mining rigs.

There are two most common types of these frames currently in use by miners.

  • Open air frame
  • Wire frame rack

But the most commonly used is open air, as it is scalable in most cases, which is really helpful if you need to add more hardware, like more GPUs to your rig. In addition, it can keep the performance of your rig to the optimal level by keeping it cool, and allowing air to pass through 24/7.

Some of the modern frame models also come up with built-in fans.

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You can find a wide range of frames in the market, which include metal, wood, aluminum, plastic, and PVC frames. The good thing is, if you have basic do-it-yourself skills, you can even build a GPU mining frame by yourself and customize according to your liking. Here is one detailed YouTube video that shows how easy it is to assemble one on your own.

What are Some Best Options Available on the Market?

There are plenty of good options available in the market, made up of different materials, and of different sizes, that allow you to buy one according to your rig’s hardware configuration. There is no one-size-fits-all mining frame – instead, there are different sizes available for the number of GPUs you want to use.

GPU mining frame

Here are some popular options for the number of GPUs in the mining rig.

  • For 6 GPUs Mining Rig: A great open-air frame option for 6 GPUs mining rig is Veddha Professional Miner Case. This one is made of aluminum alloy, which makes it sturdy and lightweight at the same time. It is also stackable, providing enough space in layers (up to 4 layers) to place everything with ease.

Even though it does not comes with fans, but we recommend this one due to ease of use. As you add more hardware, you can simply add layers to it. This makes it takes less space in the room as you assemble your rig vertically.

  • For 8 GPUs Mining Rig: You can use Veddha Stackable mining case for this purpose, with same features as the 6 GPUs frame, but with a bigger size. It is also a stackable frame, made of aluminum alloy.  
  • For 12 GPUs Mining Rig: If you want to build a big 12 GPU mining rig, our recommendation is to use LAWOHO miner case, built to accommodate 12 GPUs. It’s also made of industrial-grade aluminum alloy, which means it is as sturdy as above two options. It is also stackable and comes with easy to install racks for adding more vertical layers. It also has built-in fans.
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All in all, the first thing you need to buy when building a mining rig is the GPU mining frame. With plenty of options available, it is easy to find one that suits your needs. Make sure to buy one that is compatible with the number of GPUs you want to use. In addition, stackable are also preferred as they allow you to accommodate more hardware within less space.

We are sure you can find many good options out there.


What is a GPU Mining Frame?


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