What is a GPU Mining Case?


Before we dive in and provide you details about the GPU mining case, let’s have a look at the GPU mining rig and its importance in mining. To beat the competition in the mining world, you need a robust and dedicated machine, called mining rig. And to assemble a mining rig, the first thing you need is a good-quality GPU mining case.

What is the GPU Mining Case?

Simply put, it is a computer system designed to solve complex algorithms. In the case of GPU mining, you have to use a graphics card (GPU) to solve a complex math problem for mining coins.

GPU mining case

Why is GPU Mining Case Important When Mining Crypto?

Precisely, a GPU mining case or rig is a bridge that connects you to the mining pool where you compete with other miners for coins. Your mining power depends on the specs of your rig or how you assemble your mining rig.  

Mining case is also important because it determines what type of cryptocurrencies you can mine. Simply put, it is one of the most important equipment you need to build a mining rig.

How Do You Use the GPU Mining Case?

Did you get your rig set-up? Now, it’s time to install software which will connect you to existing mining pools. Choice of software varies for different currencies, so you must select software that suits your needs. Most people use Cgminer as their choice of software.

In case you selected the same, follow these steps:

  • Download Cgminer from the developer’s website.
  • Extract downloaded file into a folder.
  • Give the folder a name you will remember
  • Press Windows key and “R” simultaneously
  • Type “cmd” and press “Enter
  • Use “cd command” to change directory to the folder with the extracted file
  • Type “cgminer.exe-n
  • A list of the available device will appear, make sure your graphics cards is in there.
  • Open the software
  • Enter the URL to the mining pool server and port number of server
  • Enter your credentials
  • Start mining

What is the Best GPU Mining Case for Your Mining Rig?

If you want your mining to be profitable, you need to have the right device. But don’t worry, we have found you the best GPU mining case for the rig.

Hydra IV 10 GPU:

It is a custom-made open frame case, designed to reduce on-site labor and aimed at reducing the need for assembly of tiny parts. If you are handy with a tool, that’s great. But if you aren’t, then this is the case is for you.

Hydra IV 10 GPU Frame Rack Mining Rig Case


Hydra IV supports up to 10 GPU’s, a motherboard, and two power supplies. Moreover, It contains five slots for 120mm fans to keep the equipment cool and to work properly. Also, an open frame design provides easy access to components in case of troubleshooting. If you’re running out of time and need fast & easy installation, then look no further.


  • Supports stacking of rigs
  • Easy assembly and installation
  • Adjustable GPU brackets
  • Supports Aftermarket cards, which tend to be taller and longer
  • Supports the latest crypto-mining motherboard


  • It’s a tight squeeze if you’re using longer and taller aftermarket cards


In this article, we have answered some basic questions about GPU mining case and also reviewed a product to help you decide on a mining case. So, if you ever decide to start crypto-mining, you know what to do next.


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