What is the Best 6 GPU Motherboard in 2018?

What is the Best 6 GPU Motherboard for Mining Crypto in 2018?

Even though there are many motherboards available in 2018 that can support more than 6 GPUs, but 6 GPU motherboards are still more popular as the 6-card setup is easier to handle. Most miners often start with 6 GPU motherboard and then move up by adding more GPUs to their rigs.

Simply put, 6 GPU motherboard offers you a starting point if you are new to GPU mining. In one of our previous posts, we have already discussed building a 6 GPU Etherium mining rig on your own.

Fortunately, there are a lot of good options to choose from. You can find various models, from the well known brands like MSI, ASUS, and Gigabyte.

What is the Best 6 GPU Motherboard in 2018?

It is not possible for us to explore each option and compare their features before deciding about the one. This is why, we have selected the one that we recommend as the best 6 GPU motherboard based on its performance and our own experience with multiple 6 GPU motherboards.

For us, the best 6 GPU motherboard is from Gigabyte, the GA-H110-D3A.

6 GPU motherboard

Gigabyte GA-H110-D3A

For the 6 GPU Rig, the Gigabyte GA-H110-D3A is the best option. Unlike many other motherboards by Gigabyte that are designed for gaming purposes, this one is specifically designed for mining. With its quality built and fast data transfer, it works efficiently as one of the most efficient crypto currency mining rigs.

Supported Processors

It works perfectly with the 6th and 7th generation Intel core processors, and also supports dual channel DDR4 RAM and 2 DIMMs.

The GA-H110-D3A also features on board M.2 connector that allows faster data transfer. The M.2 Storage offers you 5 times faster speed compared to SATA 3.

In addition, it also features 8-channel HD Audio with high quality audio capacitors.

6 GPU motherboard

Other Features

The GA-H110-D3A is a powerful motherboard that comes with some unique features like high temperature, electrostatic, and power failure protection. It is because it uses the glass fabric PCB (Printed Circuit Board). This is a great feature as you run this machine 24/7 without worrying about the heating problem.

You can also use it for gaming and other purposes with your computer, so if you don’t want to mine anymore in the future, you can always use it for other purposes.

Out of the 6 PCI slots it features, 1 is PCI-E x 16 and 5 are PCI-E x1 slots.


  • It has a very sturdy and high-end build quality that makes it durable. It can easily withstand the intensive use for GPU mining, one of the reasons why we rate this one as the best motherboard for mining cryptocurrency.
  • It weighs only two pounds that makes it portable and easy to carry.
  • Uses high-quality capacitors made in Japan.


  • You cannot add more than 6 GPUs if you want to add more in the future.

What is the Best 6 GPU Motherboard for Mining Crypto in 2018?

The Final Words

Even though up to 13 GPU motherboards are also available today, but 6 GPU is still the most popular as it is easy to set up, and costs less. The GA-H110-D3A is one of the best 6 GPU processor that offers you the best value for your money.


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